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Aes Sedi

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The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

- Robert Jordan
Aes Sedi is currently recruiting the following:
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Welcome to the Aes Sedi!

As one of our new members, We would like personally welcome you to our guild! 

Our guild is mainly a social guild. We are however working on setting monthly raids and instances suited for each level and would encourage your participation. However raiding and working instances is not a requirment for membership in the Aes Sedi. 

Please feel free to explore the site! As a member you do have the capability to add content pertaining to your character. Feel free to do this. 

Check back soon for further updates and information. 


Guild Vision

Expectations of members of Aes Sedi


The guild is here to help. If you need equipment, and training, please feel free to ask. Most of our members have specialized in a variety of professions. We have blacksmiths, which include armor smith’s and weapon smith’s.  Leather workers are also available to provide any of your leather item needs. All needed items that will assist you on your journey are provided to you at no cost. The only request is that you assist with gathering the items that may be needed.If your level is unable to gather the needed material, some one will be able to assist.


When referring to our number one expectation, the guild members are also here to help, and that means all of the members should assist when able and be respectful. Some characters might not be able to assist right when you need them too, they may be in an instance, or have a short time they are able to be online. This is where being respectful to each other is important.

Always remember that all of us, to include lower level characters, can assist in building a great guild.

*Events will be scheduled for each level, higher leveled characters can tank when needed.


When able, your character may be required at times to harvest ore, cloth, dust, or skins. This will enable the guild to continue making gold in order to pay for repairs, mounts, and training.



As a social guild the focus is on having fun playing the game.

An important factor of this guild is the guild will assist with certain items, and costs, that will enhance your enjoyment in playing this game.

Items The Guild will help pay for:

1) First Mount It is a great thing to not have to walk everywhere, when your character reaches the level needed in order to obtain the first mount, if needed, the guild will assist. This also includes the second advancement for faster mount. (However, the guild will not pay for multiple mounts from each of the factions. Note, ONLY FIRST MOUNTS will assistance be provided!)

2) Riding training (to include cold weather flight training and artisan training, but, the guild will only assist with ½ the amount needed. The best place to purchase this is in Borean Tundra, it is 1,000G cheaper) As your character grows in level, so will the amount gained in running instances and working quests. Your character should have at least half of the funds needed for this.


Repairs are provided by the guild.This enables low level characters the privileged of saving their gold earned for extra items they want. If however you are able to cover your own repairs, the choice is yours!

Most items are shared among us all, this includes quest items needed, food items, armor, and weapons.


We look forward to working with you, and please remember to ask if you are in need of anything!

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